In the intimate setting of the one-man play, "Tesla, An Evening with Genius" the audience is taken on a journey through the extraordinary mind of Nikola Tesla, a scientist with over 700 technical patents granted; he laid the foundation on which

the entire world still stands. This heartfelt stage production details the scientific, spiritual, and emotional aspects

of a scientist, physicist, engineer and inventor who dedicated his life to the betterment of the human race with the production of electric power.

"Tesla" offers a compelling portrait with rich dialogue, minimal set pieces, elegant lighting and sound design to transport the audience back to January 1943, where we find Tesla (portrayed by Tabbita) alone and impoverished in a hotel room in New

York talking to the pigeons he feeds on the windowsill. Throughout the play, Tesla recounts his life in a stream-of-consciousness flow of memories. Tesla, the inventor of alternating current (AC) and wireless power (who foresaw the future of wireless phones), looks over the city and tells the audience, "New York, a magical city of light, electrified by my alternating current system… Yet, you should have had all this without the wires. Unlimited, boundless energies of the ether benefiting all